Do you provide early intervention services to children with disability or developmental delay? Do you provide relevant information, education and support to parents, carers and families helps to optimise the child’s development? Is a child’s ability to be part of family and community life enhanced by the services you provide?

Yes? Then the NRRSS is for you.

National Rural and Remote Support Service

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) administers a new program which aims to extend early intervention services into those areas of Australia where access is a challenge.

The National Rural & Remote Support Service (NRRSS) supports therapists who are registered and those considering registering as Early Intervention Services Panel provider members with the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS).

Eligible Therapists

Early intervention specialist therapists are accredited practitioners with the knowledge and skills required to deliver services to children with special needs. Members of the Panel include:


Occupational therapists



Speech pathologists



Teachers of the deaf

Board Certified Behavioural Analysts (BCBA)

The NRRSS supports other early intervention specialists:

Orientation and mobility instructors

Teacher of the vision impaired


Special education teacher

Conductor (conductive education)

Social worker.

Therapists registered as Panel providers with the DSS Better Start and HCWA programs work with families to deliver multidisciplinary, evidence-based, early intervention. These specialist services enhance the participation and performance of children with disability by improving cognitive, emotional, physical and social development during the child’s first seven years.

NRRSS Registration

Early Intervention Service Providers registered either as Individuals or through a Consortium are encouraged to complete the registration form for the NRRSS. This will enable the collection of important information about access to the Better Start and HCWA programs for children in the bush.

Transition to Remote and Rural Practice

This training toolkit provides education resources and interactive training modules for Allied Health Professionals moving to, working in, or contemplating providing services in remote and rural Australia.

The resources and programs to support early intervention allied health professionals working with Children with Disability is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

The Tranisition Toolkit to support allied health professionals on entry to remote and rural practice is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

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